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Beauty Products

I am always up for a good adventure, but when it comes to skincare and beauty products, I tend to follow any recommended recipes perfectly (I guess, kind of like you should with baking… maybe that is why I am not a good baker…). So below I will list and link out to some of my favorite homemade beauty products.

Favorite DIY / Homemade Beauty Products:

homemade_eyecreamHomemade Eye Cream: As a result of going back to grad school, we have had to really tighten our financial belt. Really good eye cream was something I never hesitated to drop a pretty penny on due to the eye skin being so delicate and sensitive. That delicate area frames the windows to my soul — I wanted them to be bright, inviting, fun, and engaging. After a couple of weeks of using this, I don’t know if I will ever go back to spending the cash on expensive eye cream.

  • Ingredients:  All you need is two simple and accessible ingredients for this luscious eye cream. Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. The post has a long list of benefits for each of these ingredients and why they are perfect for your sensitive eye area. As it says, “These two ingredients are power houses in terms of skin benefits and this eye cream is a fantastic natural product that is 100 % chemical, toxin and synthetic fragrance free.”
  • Container: I used an old eye cream container. Be sure to wash it out thoroughly, then mix the ingredients in the container with a toothpick. In the post they recommend using contact lens holders.

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