Untidy Heidi

the untidy side of my learning journey

Why Untidy, Heidi?

I am an avid learner, a student of life, attempting to show up as fully as I can each day and challenging myself to be open to the adventure, joy, learning, and connection that can show up in the most unlikely places.

#untidyheidi helps to capture the learning and the hilarity in the untidy and messy moments in life – embracing the bumps, bruises, brain farts, and sometimes just plain bad luck.

#untidyheidi is also about sharing in draft form — stories in progress, first drafts of potential blog posts or articles, ideas that are still in the oven, and engage in conversations with others to share a laugh, find connection or to better understand and make ideas better. I learned a lot during my 2.5 years in grad school, but one of the biggest lessons I learned, is that I am better and my work is better, when I engage and collaborate with others.

Consider this your invitation to contribute, to challenge, to share, to add, to ask questions, to find joy and humor, to help make this learning a little more messy and untidy, so that at some moment, we together can have a better understanding. Thank you in advance for your willingness to join in this learning journey with me.

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